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Solar Power Plant for the wellness spa center SIBUR-Yug

Successful implementation of the Largest Rooftop PV system in the south region of Russia

The wellness spa center SIBUR-Yug is located in the center of Anapa on the Black Sea coast. It is a resort zone for SIBUR employees and their families. The spa center has all necessary amenities for a healthy relaxation: clean sea, sand beaches, primal juniper forests, and the healing air of the Caucasus foothills. Nature itself seems to be working for the benefit of tourists here, while the region's frequent days of sunshine are favorable for the development of solar energy.

In 2018, SIBUR began the construction of a solar power plant on the premises of the health center.

"SIBUR strives to treat nature and natural resources responsibly. The solar energy project is one of the company's environmental initiatives that will significantly expand the technical capabilities of «Sibur-Yug» without having any adverse impact on the environment," commented Alexander Voytushenko, Chief Power Engineer at SIBUR-Yug and the Manager of the project.

The technical solution consists of 1,497 high-efficiency PV- modules and 15 grid inverters designed for operation in connection to the power grid. The ongrid solar power plant  with  a total capacity of 471.5 kW is sited on top of separate buildings and sports facilities. This allows it to produce up to half of the electricity used by the Center. 
The Hevel Group was responsible for the design, construction, and outfitting of the SPP with the project taking about a year to complete.

2,65 rub*kWh*
kW capacity
days of sunshine per year
the first largest rooftop SPP in Southern Russia

The unique experience of Hevel  engineers  allows them  to address some of the most complicated issues  in the field of solar power generation, develop customized  technical solutions, and build solar power plants in Russia and the CIS.

Newly commissioned rooftop PV system allowed to an increase  the supply of electricity to the facility by more than 50%, which significantly expands the technical capabilities of the SIBUR-Yug without raising electricity costs or leaving a negative environmental impact.

"This is the largest rooftop power plant in Southern Russia," explains Igor Shakhray, CEO of Hevel Group, the Russian contractor company that implemented the project. "Rooftop SPPs are the most efficient type, both in terms of their energy capacity and in terms of minimizing the power losses on transmission lines, since such installations are built in close proximity to the consumer. The SIBUR-Yug solar power plant will have an annual yield of more than 590,000 kWh, resulting in reduced consumption of power from the grid."

"SIBUR will continue to explore the possibilities offered by solar energy in order to, among other things, cover industrial demand in regions with fitting climate conditions, which would ensure its efficient use," says Vladimir Tupikin, Head of Energy and Resources at SIBUR.

*The cost of electricity is calculated in the period of SPP operation - 25 years