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Burzyanskaya Solar Рower Plant

Russia's largest solar power plant with industrial energy storage units

In April 2019, the construction of Russia's largest solar power plant with an industrial energy storage system began in the village of Starosubkhangulovo in the Burzyansky District, Republic of Bashkortostan. 

Burzyanskaya Solar Power Plant of 10 MW capacity with an integrated electric energy storage system of 8 MW*h capacity was officially commissioned on February 26, 2020. The project comprising the Upper Burzyanskaya and Lower Burzyanskaya SPP occupies an area of 23.8 hectares and consists of 35,100 photovoltaic modules.

10 MW
total power capacity
photovoltaic modules
8 MW*h
electric energy storage capacity
6 hours
of autonomous operation

Burzyanskaya SPP is unique in that each plant has an electric energy storage system of 4 MW*h capacity, with an operating mode that takes into account the parameters of energy production and demand. For the first time in Russia, a solar power plant can operate both in parallel with the power grid and in stand-alone mode.

The location for the electric power plant was not a random choice: electric power is supplied to the Burzyansky District by a 100 km long single-circuit power transmission line (from the town of Beloretsk—to the village of Starosubkhangulovo) with a terminal substation. The new generation facility will provide an uninterrupted power supply for the entire district, and in the event of an emergency outage or repair works on the power line it will operate autonomously for up to 6 hours, providing electricity for hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities. 

The implementation of this project contributes not only to improving the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers, but also to improving the environmental situation, preserving the unique natural and climatic conditions of the Burzyansky District.

“For the Burzyansky District, the new power station is a real salvation. Due to frequent power outages, the residents suffered even at the household level. From now on they will be permanently provided with energy," said Radiy Khabirov, Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

“This is a unique project not only for Russia, but also for Europe—industrial storage systems of such capacity are used for the first time in conjunction with solar generation. We provide 80% redundancy in generating capacity and at the same time solve the problem of power supply reliability in a particular area,” said Igor Shakhray, Chief Executive Officer of the Hevel Group.

Bashkiria is one of the priority regions for the Hevel Group. In addition to the construction of the Burzyanskaya SPP, Hevel has implemented three more investment projects in the field of solar power in Bashkortostan—the Buribayevskaya SPP (Khaibullinsky District) with a capacity of 20 MW, the Bugulchanskaya SPP (Kuyurgazinsky District) with a capacity of 15 MW, and Isyangulovskaya SPP (Zianchurinsky District) with a capacity of 9 MW. The total investment volume amounted to about 5 billion rubles.
The company also plans to build four more solar power plants in Bashkortostan, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW in the Khaibullinsky and Kuyurgazinsky Districts.